Physiotherapy for Builders

Physiotherapy for Builders

At The Physio Crew we offer free back care and injury advice for builders who ask a lot of their bodies. 

Despite the hundreds of near misses you avoid whilst performing videos for ‘on the tools’ when something goes wrong it can leave you feeling quite vulnerable. Builders are of the worst at admitting that they need help.

A working body is essential in these demanding roles so you are in the right place to get fast and effective treatment.

Our caring, professional staff can get you diagnosed and on the right track rather than trying to guess from Dr Google which could waste you time and increase your pain.

Many people are unsure how physiotherapy may help but in simple terms physiotherapy helps people with pain that is caused from the musculoskeletal system (that means… nerves, fascia, muscles, joints, tendons ligaments and soft tissue). So as long as the problem isn’t due to your organs ( lungs/heart/kidneys etc) then we can help.

Common injuries builders include:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Complex trauma following accidents at work.
  • Elbow pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee Pain 
  • Hip pain

Now whether you’re self employed or not we need to get you moving quickly and the only way to do that is through an assessment. An assessment is where we take you through a series of tests to determine the site of the problem. We will include some treatment in your first session to to get you started.

Did you know the average person comes to see us for 4-5 sessions? Some injuries or pains can be treated much quicker but until you are assessed its difficult to tell and depends on how long you have had the injury. The longer you ignore it the harder it is for us to sort  out because you start to compensate and cause other problems. 

Many people worry about the cost of physiotherapy but we offer competitive rates of just £45 for an assessment and £40 for a follow up. How much money and time are you losing by not working or working at 50% capacity?


When choosing your physiotherapist you need to consider the following things…

Are they a small business and give personal service ?

Will they listen to your story and give professional, accurate advice?

Are their staff friendly and knowledgeable?

If those are the qualities you look for then we are the company for you. Our values are to help you become independent quickly and help you to over come challenges with our support ( rather than make you reliant on us with endless sessions). We are very hands on but teach you exercises so you can help yourself get better too. Any one who promises they can fix you without any work on your part is lying! 

So if you feel we are the right fit for you why not give us a call (0117 290 0242) or email for any obligation chat to see whether we can help.

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