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How physiotherapy can support your loved ones.


Have you noticed that you have become stiffer in the mornings, restricted in your activities and find that those things that used to be easy seem a real struggle? All is not lost! There is good evidence to show that activity and exercises are fantastic way to make you feel better, stronger and maintain independence at home.

Use it or lose it!

Often as we get a bit older we can lose our fitness or sometimes a short stay in hospital can really take it out of us. The good news is with a bit of determination and some gentle exercises we can help regain your confidence and independence at home. If needed our physio’s will come to you and build realistic goals to help make tasks at home more manageable. Perhaps you would like to consider our intensive Back to Independence packages that offer intensive physio over the course of a set number of weeks.

Home visits

Nicole can visit you at home to assess and practice mobility, transfers and build confidence with daily activities. This can help to maintain strength and teach you techniques to help you feel safer at home.

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Intensive courses

Have you just come out of hospital and need a bit of extra input? We can arrange periodic drop ins to give you the motivation and confidence to complete exercises and reach goals.

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Post Operative Recovery

Nicole is experienced in treating orthopaedic conditions and can support those recovery from surgery to ensure they improve motor control(of the muscles), complete exercises properly and assist them back to their daily activities/sports!

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As we get older often a simple shoulder, ankle or neck problem can significantly reduce our quality of life and ability to function as we would like to. Why not get an expert opinion?

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