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Recover after having a baby

Have You Just Had A Baby? 

By Roz Scott

This article is for information purposes only. Please see a professional for further advice.

First of all, if you have recently had a baby then you have come to the right place so be reassured.

The body goes through a massive transition as the baby grows and it’s amazing how the body adapts and accommodates for this to happen. Then the finale……birthing the baby. Whether it is vaginally or via c-section, our bodies again surprise us as they accomplish an incredible event. 

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What Is A Mummy Mot?

Naturally, the body has a lot of recovering to do, and even the simplest of births require the body to recoup and regain strength. However, complications can arise and women are often unsure how to deal with such issues as weak pelvic floor, low back pain, tummy gaps and incontinence, to name just a few.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

A mummy MOT is a comprehensive, specialist, post-natal check-up. We usually recommend you see your GP at 6 weeks and then we welcome bookings at 6 weeks post-vaginal birth and 8 weeks post-C-section.

This is where we come in!

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What's Involved?

We invite you in for a 1-hour appointment and look at the following areas of the body:

  • Full postural screen
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment
  • Abdominal examination to check for separation
  • Screening for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction

It also gives women a great opportunity to talk about their own journey of pregnancy and birth and the 4th trimester, which is often not talked about enough.

A full report and tailored exercise programme are then created for each individual.

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Want To Work With Us?

The best feature of a Mummy MOT is that goals can be set and worked on together. Whether this is as simple as how best to bend and pick up your baby with less pain or an effective and safe route to get back into running.

The sooner the better! However, even if you have had a baby many, many years ago, there is still time to start rehab. Don’t let this put you off. We want to empower you and help you to achieve the best outcomes.

If you would like further information please ring for a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey.

Written by Roz Scott – MSK Specialist Physiotherapist


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