How To Keep Your Team Happy And Revenue High

How To Keep Your Team Happy And Revenue High

We all know businesses need money to grow, particularly in tough and uncertain financial times. 

People are becoming increasingly educated about the value of looking after their team. 

Our teams are the back bones to our businesses and if they aren’t producing due to injury or poor  health it affects our business. 

Here are some scary statistics!

(Sources: Health Survey for England, 2013; Health and wellbeing at work: a survey of employees, 2014; Labour Force Survey analyses, various years; Vaughan-Jones & Barham, 2009; Routes onto Employment and Support Allowance, 2011)

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£522 Average Cost To Your Business Per Case!

The cost to the UK businesses average £522 per case not to mention the additional stress and pressure put on other members of the team due to short staff.

How much does your business lose a week if your team member is off?

What deals fail to close because the best member of the team was off with stress or injury?


Due hormones in the brain if we are stressed this increases our sensitivity to pain. Pressure from employers to get back to work often makes matters worse and fear of re injury keeps people off for longer.

A supportive, expert can make this process smoother.


Lets Start Using Science To Help Our Businesses Grow.

Lets start using science to help our businesses grow.

Our business needs people. Happy people.

So how do you keep you people happy? 

Physiotherapy and health care schemes such as our monthly membership package or one off physio package could help you save money by investing in your employees. 

Not only are you fulfilling your duty of care but you are increase productivity, improving moral around the workplace and creating loyal employees who see the value in their job with your company.


Benefits to you

  • Happier productive team
  • Reduced sick pay
  • Tax deductible expense
  • Less pressure on other team members
  • Reduced impact from key skill sets being missing from the workplace.



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