How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain

How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain


Many people visit us because they are experiencing knee pain. This can be because of a variety of reasons. 


Some people may have had an injury that has caused their knee pain and some people experience pain that has presented over time with no clear cause.
What can cause knee pain? To get rid of knee pain we must first understand what causes it. There are several structures in the knee which can become sensitive which may cause pain.


Common Painful Tissues That Cause Knee Pain

  • Cartilage ( meniscus)
  • Fat pad
  • Bursa
  • Patella femoral joint
  • ITB Patella tendon
  • Plica
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Muscles


What Tests Help To Determine The Cause Of My Knee Pain


We have tests that help us to work out which structure is likely to be affected. It is hard to be 100% sure of the structure that is the main pain contributor because they sit closely together.
What is physios role in getting rid of knee pain?Physio can be the key component to bringing information together. Many people understand that they need a clear diagnosis to guide treatment and rehabilitation. This allows us to identify weakness areas to help restore normal movement around the knee. We will often prescribed relative rest, educate you on the do’s and don’t to help you recovery efficiently.


We work on muscles to help you regain full proprioception and control around a joint, helping to reduce the risk of reinjury.


We can take a bird’s eye perspective of the mechanism, your symptoms and the clinical test results to find out the mostly likely cause of your knee pain.

What treatments can help get rid of knee pain?


Although not the most popular treatment hard graft through specific strengthening and control exercises will help the affected tissue develop the resilience needed to withstand the loads you are demanding from it. 


Acupuncture, stretches, joint mobilisation, frictions and massage can also help relieve pain. 


Ice can be used ( wrapped in a tea towel) for pain relief only for approx 10mins. It slows the conduction of the nerve. Ice should not be left on for more than 20mins as this can cause an INCREASE in swelling.


Heat can be used on the muscle if this is feeling tight (hot water bottles or wheat bags should be covered to avoid burns to the skin).


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