How to choose the BEST Physio in Bristol

How to choose the best physio for you in Bristol

Physiotherapy is such a personal experience that it is difficult to know who to choose or whether physio is the right option for you.

Physiotherapy is a well established profession that works ( otherwise it wouldn’t be so well established and continually funded in the NHS)

It is helpful to consider the following thing when choosing who is right for you.


What is your personality type?

There is strong evidence to show that if you get on with your health care practitioner you are more likely to follow advice, treatment and improve. Now, you do want to try and match your values with the clinician and just because you haven’t got on with a previous physio doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve your goals with another. For example in our clinic Maggie is extremely direct so if you’re the type of person who wants to get on with it without the frills (perfect for athletes) she’s your lady. Whereas if you’re slightly more elderly and need a softer approach I’m probably the best fit for you.

Choose the best physio in Bristol based on personality type.

What is your goal?

Of course you want to make sure the physio understands what your goal is. If you want to run up mountains you want to be booked in with someone who has experience treating people that require high loads on their body. For example Stuart completes ultra marathons so can use his experience and clinical expertise to guide people who complete long distance running events.


If your goal is to get of the sofa following a total knee replacement then most physio’s will have the experience to do this. If your looking at standing up for the first time following a year in a wheelchair following a head injury you want to be with someone who has experience in that area. So ask yourself- can this person help me with my goal? And then of course ask the clinician! We are always very honest with people at The Physio Crew, if its out of our expertise we’ll recommend you on to someone we know can help serve you better.

Choose the best physio in Bristol based on your goals

Are they interested in the area you are passionate about?

The advantages of choosing someone who has interest in sports (if you are an athlete) means they understand they psychological aspect and challenges of being restricted from achieving the things you love. In clinic I will often explain the risk benefit analysis ie we play you in 6 nations/premiership final but these are the risks of playing etc.  This allows you to make an informed decision on whether its right for you.

Choose the best physio is Bristol based on your interests.


What’s their age or attitude?

Now this is going to be controversial!

When I was around 4-5 years qualified I would still got the question When did you qualify? Where did you train? Which is code for “Do you actually have a degree or am I being treated by a junior!”

This was completely understandably as I look very young and many people find it hard to believe how at 30 years of age I have had a business for just 2.5 years and already have 4, soon to be 5 staff.

However, do not be deceived by those who appear younger. Make your choice on attitude. Make your choice on how far that clinician appears they will go for you and have gone to further improve their knowledge (ie voluntary trips across the country to give up time to support England players, dedicating time on evenings a weekends to learn and develop) because all that additional knowledge will filter down to you.

Choose the best physio on their dedication to their profession.

How does the practice do business?

When I hire I choose people who put customers first. Skills and experience are important of course but my aspirations for The Physio Crew are not to build a machine but to offer a personal experience and allow people to experience feeling cared for and supported along their rehabilitation journey. With some corporate styles of practice it can feel more one out one in with no attention to you as an individual. Choose a practice that supports its clinicians, at what ever age to continue learning and not get ‘stuck in a rut’ or complacent.

Choose the best physio based on how they do business.


Are they convenient and offer perks?

In our ever busy lives its helpful to choose somewhere that’s convenient! Last night 6 people booked in between 10-11pm on our online booking tool. That shows how busy life gets and how companies need to adapt to accommodate this.

Are they open early mornings, late evening and Saturday and Sunday? Busy people can’t take time off work its simple. Make sure the physio you choose fits around your life style.

Do they offer a wide variety of expertise? I have found that the strength of the business comes from diverse minds. With Abbie’s sports therapy degrees, Lucie’s remedial massage therapy, Maggie’s hands on experience and Stuart’s fresh university training when pooled together we all learn from each other.

Schemes such as monthly membership or complimentary massage for every referral can be great extras for loyal customers.

Choose the best physio based on convenience and perks.

How may reviews do they have?

If a company can boast over 100 good quality reviews that gives you a fairly good idea that they are helping people.

Choose the best physio based on great reviews!




I hope that’s been helpful. If you need any further information on how physio may benefit you please send an email to OR Book online HERE.