How this small physiotherapy and well being business has helped 1569 patients in the last year

You may be asking the question..

How has this 31 year old has grown The Physio Crew to 4 practices and developed such a caring, conscientious team in just 4 years?


I want to take you back a minute.


At aged 15 I stood staring at the top of Mt Etna across from Uganda to the Kenyan border. I stood there shivering with socks over my hands and looked out across the beautiful landscape.


It was truly breathtaking and the sun was beating down on my face offering some pleasant warmth.


As I regained my breath from the steep climb I looked back at where we had come from. Two days of walking across this hostile terrain had all be worth it. We ate breakfast and then started our descent following our guides. 


As we descended I pulled the socks from my hands. Naively I thought Uganda was a warm country so hadn’t packed warm clothes for our mountain climb. 


If I had known how far we were about to walk I wonder if i would ever had set off. The next 3 days were the toughest of my then ( short) life.


This challenge reminds me of business. 


The last 4 years have been a roller coaster.


From starting up as single practitioner in Xercise 4 Less gym we have had all sorts of challenges to face.

Loud music, Groupon double bookings, poor management systems, non payment and the list goes on. 


The first few years I juggled my commitments with Bristol Ladies ( where I was responsible for managing the local treatment of 12 international players) with running The Physio Crew.


60 hour weeks were the norm and it allowed The Physio Crew to build as we develop our reputation.


My vision has remained strong and has enabled me to make the sacrifices needed to facilitate our journey. I believe every person in this world deserves the right to live a happy and fulfilled life. Physio is the key in unlocking someones potential and helping they achieve their goals. Physio helps people to become independent, recover from injury and discover life without pain. 


Our fantastic support staff are also changing the lives of people across Bristol. Abbie, Lucie and Stuart have worked hard to develop the skills and buy into our values of become the best practitioners we can to help more people. They are so good that over the short time they have been with me they already have many regulars who are part of our monthly membership scheme. 


Meg is the newest addition to our team. It is important to me to get the right fit for The Physio Crew and I have struggled with this love the last few hires. It is not good enough just to be an exceptional physio. It is essential that patients must be put first. ALWAYS. Meg has fitted in beautifully ad is popular among the patients. She has record amounts of people who sign up for monthly memberships because they are so happy with her service. 


I was looking at the figures this week and got quite emotional to see just how far where we have come. This year we have helped 1569 people. 


It was hard for me to make the decision that, to make a REAL difference, I had to take a step out of the clinic and start growing the business.


With my hands alone I could only help 15-20 people per day. By building a team of exceptional practitioners, dedicated to CPD and serving others we could help so many more. T start building this team of physio and complimentary therapists that could help people acrid the UK discover life without pain. 


With clear dreams in the future to open more clinics and a rehabilitation centre for people to recover from injury we hope you will follow us on our journey and stick with us as we continue to grow and develop so that we can better serve you. 


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