How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost?

How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost?

How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost? This is a common question people ask.

It is common that people are reluctant to get started with treatment to resolve their pain because they are worried about big bills that they can’t afford. In most cases it often is a lot less than they expect!

When you are injured there is usually a lot of uncertainty about how long you may be off work, how long it will take to get better and can you really afford treatment whilst not at work? All this whilst trying to cope with pain and reduced mobility.

Life is full of surprises that come at the worst possible time and injury is no different.


Hopefully we can help you understand why a small investment early could save you money in the long term. Check out this blog on the ‘cost of injury.’


We want to share with you the cost of patients we have treated to give you an idea of other people’s experiences. Remember we will be flexible with treatments. We will give you an honest opinion on how many sessions you need but if you say you can only afford 3 sessions we will do the best we can to get you as much relief in those sessions as we can.

When working out what to spend savings and hard earned money on most people need to know three things

  1. Is physio the right treatment for me?
  2. Can I trust the clinician and their qualifications?
  3. Is it a good company and do I share their values?

Of course everyone is individual and the best way to see is to book a discovery call with Nicole. If you send an email to she will organise a time to call you and see if we are the right fit for you.

Example Patients And Their Spend With Us.

Here are some examples people who have seen us in the past and how many sessions they had

Things that affect the number of sessions needed:

  • Complexity of injury ( road traffic accidents with multiple leg fractures etc) will take longer.
  • Length of pain ( the longer you leave it the more compensation we have to sort out)
  • Compliance to exercises ( people who do their exercises get better quicker -funny that!)
  • Inability to stop aggravating factor such as heavy/ repetitive lifting – we can still treat but it takes slightly longer.

Our goals as a physio:

  • To treat you in the minimum amount of sessions whilst ensuring you are fully equipped to stop it reoccurring.
  • To reduce/resolve your pain and get you back to your peak mobility/strength.
  • To ensure you have the education to continue exercises and rehab
  • To reduce your risk of future falls/ injuries where possible.


Examples – How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost ?

Off work 6 months office worker – Severe back pain misdiagnosed as polymyalgia. Had been on long course of steroids which hadn’t worked. One session resolved pain (£45).

Teacher – Back and leg pain – 1 year history 4 sessions (£165)

Farmer  – Shoulder Pain – Muscle sprain following ski-ing injury – 4 week history: 1 session (£45). High suspicion of rotator cuff tear as patient unable to move arm at all. By end of session full range of movement.

Retired Gentleman : Knee pain – meniscal tear – 3 sessions (£125)

Plasterer : Shoulder Pain – 7 month history – Shoulder impingement ( sub acromial pain syndrome) 6 sessions ( £245). This was longstanding and the patient had ignored it and continued to work until he was unable to use shoulder at all.

Working professional – Ankle fusion – 10 sessions funded by insurance company.

Runner – Thigh pain – Nerve involvement: 8 weeks off unable to run at all : 4 sessions ( Cost £165). Increased running speed from before injury as by product of our treatment. 

Runner: Calf Pain Myofascial pain -1 year history of calf pain restricted ability to run long distance or without distraction. ( Cost £85). Full resolution within one session, additional session attended for consolidating knowledge of exercises to prevent reoccurrence.

Rugby Player – Hip Dislocation – unable to run, play rugby, safely land/take impact, walk initially! (Cost £245) 6 sessions spaced over 5 months. Full resolution and return to rugby. In my opinion this person should have had 2 more sessions to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence at a later date and to ensure the hip was fully strong.

Mechanic – Shoulder Pain – Degenerative Rotator Cuff tear – At work but using left and because unable to use right – 6 month history (Cost £325). This was difficult to manage because it had been left so long and developed compensation.

Horse rider – Tennis elbow (£245) – aggravating factor was using lunging whip. Unable to stop as horse was in training. Tennis elbow and achilles tendinopathy can be treated for significantly less if caught early!

Back Pain : Nerve root impingement – exhausting conservative management before seeking injection or surgical solution. 12 sessions.



I hope this has given you an insight into how much some of our patients have previously paid.

When deciding whether to spend you hard earned savings think…

How much does physiotherapy cost ?

Or, looking from a slight different perspective, how much does being in pain cost?

How much am I prepared to spend to be able to sleep normally again? To play with my son? To be able to put my shoes on again? To stop my mum or dad falling and fracturing their hip? 

Many people spend more on their yearly car service than they do on themselves when injured!

How much did your last car bill cost? £500?  £1000? So why when you’re injured are you hesitating?

Come and let experienced professionals help you and show you the quickest way to recovery.

For free advice call 0117 290 0242 or email to arrange a call back.


If Nicole can’t pick up leave a message and she will call you back at the end of her list.


Speak soon.

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