How Hydrotherapy Helps Improve Bone Density (Perfect For Women After The Menopause)

How Hydrotherapy Helps Improve Bone Density (Perfect For Women After The Menopause)


How To Improve Bone Density Through Hydrotherapy. 

Many post menopausal women will experience reduction in bone density due to hormonal changes . 

There is good evidence to show hydrotherapy can help improve bone density. 


Why Is Bone Density So Important For Post Menopausal Women?

With hip fractures causing significant pain and poor function this can reduced independence. 

We all know a healthy diet is important but so is exercise!

Many women find it hard to exercise on land due to pain, poor balance or dislike for the gym environment!

You don’t have to go to a gym to improve your bone density.


So What Evidence Is There For Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For Post Menopausal Women?

One review study in 2017 found that out of 8 studies involving hydrotherapy the majority of studies reviewed support a trend showing that exercising in water can be useful in at least maintaining, or improving, various measures of bone mineral density (BMD) (McMahon, 2017)

There is good evidence to show loading of the bone longitudinally improves bone density.

Pain frequency and intensity significant reduced in a 2006 study by Osteoporosis International with patients who underwent a low volume/ high intensity exercise program and was was successful in maintaining bone mineral density at the spine, hip and calcaneus, but not at the forearm.


Why Its Important To Start Or Continue Exercising Post Menopause

  1. It helps to maintain and reduce weight
  2. To improve heart condition
  3. To improve mood
  4. To reduce risk of falling
  5. To feel toned
  6. To increase muscle strength
  7. To maintain independence
  8. To reduce fracture from low bone density
  9. To reduce high BP and to improve symptoms of diabetes


So Is Hydrotherapy For Me?

Hydrotherapy is an excellent, safe way to exercise for people who are unsteady on their feet or those who want to build strength before they move into later life

The warmth of the water at 35 degrees is lovely and feels like getting into a bath! 

We take small groups or 1-1 and teach them exercises to help build strength and improve flexibility. 

In our 1.2m pool you can stand up so don’t even need to be able to swim. 

Our friendly, professionals will show you exactly the right exercises to benefit you as an individual. 

Why not book a discovery call to find out whether its right for you. This is a 30 minute complimentary call where you can speak to expert and see if we can help.

Check out this video for more information on post menopausal osteoporosis  (weakening of the bone)


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