How Does Hydrotherapy In Bristol Help People Recover From Injury And Pain?

How Does Hydrotherapy in Bristol Help People Recover From Injury And Pain?

Hydrotherapy In Bristol

Why should you consider hydrotherapy in Bristol to relieve pain?

Hydrotherapy is a widely used tool to help people regain their independence, reduce pain and start the early stages of rehab.

From elite athletes starting a rehab programme, to someone recovering from surgery or back problems, to someone who has suffered a stroke, hydrotherapy is an exciting tool that can help get back a higher quality of life.

We pride ourselves on helping people regain strength, confidence and independence – three major aspects of life. So… how does hydro help?


Everyone’s tried to do a handstand in the pool right, or jumped in when the signs say “no bombing”?

Well, the reason you don’t hit the bottom straight away, and you can do a handstand without flipping over backwards straight away, is all to do with buoyancy. Being submerged in water dramatically reduces the pressure put on your muscles. As a result, the injuries/over-pressured tissue or joint surfaces have far fewer painful stimuli. The reduced pressure allows you to perform things in the water that you wouldn’t have the strength to on land, from a handstand, to simply walking for the first time. This then allows them to complete a rehab programme to strengthen their body, ready to do it all on land!


How Does Hydrotherapy In Bristol Cause Muscle Relaxation?

The warm temperature of the hydrotherapy pool promotes muscle relaxation by reducing nerve impulses to over active muscles. This eases the spasm on the muscles, helping them to relax and cause less tension. Along with the muscles, the warm water has a hugely positive effect on mental relaxation, by effecting the sympathetic nervous system, allowing for anxiety and stress to be reduced. 

Natural Pain Killer

Water is a natural analgesic. The change in temperature in the water causes an inhibition of pain receptors altering our perception of pain. This basically means that the water distracts the brain from pain, by giving it another stimulus to focus on, so the pain message slows down. This is hugely effective for people with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. This helps people complete movements that would usually be too painful on land. 

hydrotherapy pain relief

How Does Hydrotherapy In Bristol Increase Blood Flow?

When in the warm water, the blood vessels expand, meaning there is less resistance put on the circulatory system. Increased blood flow from the heart along with less resistance in the blood vessels means that blood pressure is lower. This results in significantly less pressure on the cardiovascular system, which can be hugely effective for those with respiratory disorders such as cystic fibrosis.


Reduce Swelling

The hydrostatic pressure experienced when in the pool helps reduce the swelling around inflamed tissues. This reduction in swelling goes much deeper than the soft tissue surrounding the inflamed area, it also reaches the joint too. This means that there is less pressure on the joint, allowing for more pain-free movement.


The immediate benefits of hydrotherapy are usually only sustained while in the water or for a short while after. However, this gives us an important window of opportunity to move and strengthen the muscles. Giving someone the ability to walk, when they can’t on land, is hugely confidence boosting and keeps motivation and morale high! If you, or someone you know, would benefit from hydrotherapy, contact us today for a consultation! Our hydro pool facilities are based in abbots Leigh ( just the other side of Clifton suspension bridge).

Common things we treat in the pool
Spinal cord injury
Rheumatoid arthritis
Back pain
Knee Pain
Complex road traffic accidents

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