How do I get back into fitness following injury?

How do I get back into fitness following injury?

Returning to sport following injury can be daunting. The first step is to get expert, honest advice.

By having an initial assessment the current state of the tissue can be accessed. If the injury is recent then there may be some level of protection such as restricted weight bearing or activities. However as time go on it is important to load the the injured area in a controlled way through exercise.

It is rare that we ask people to rest fully and can help plan programs that keep you other fitness. Hydrotherapy can be a great example of this or using and alter G. There are many cheaper alternatives too.

Returning to fitness is a gradual process and it will not be plain sailing the whole way. You are likely to have good and bad days. At the Physio Crew endeavour to answer all emails the same day so if you have any questions about your rehab program we can help. With experiencing working with elite players Nicole has gained expert knowledge in gradual change in training load to limit tissue irritation and help you reach your goals.

Exercises targeted at the specific muscles that are weak will help facilitate recovery and reduce the likelihood of compensation injuries.

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