How Core Strengthening Relieves Pain And So Much More…

How Core Strengthening Relieves Pain, Decreases Risk Of Injury Of A Limb And Enhance Our Daily Performance


How Can Core Strengthening Help You?

Core strengthening is important for many injuries. Let me explain why…

According to latest research approximately 80% of people will experience lower back pain at some point in their life, therefore it is one of the most common condition and can be related to our daily routine and our posture.

Repeated injuries of lower limbs are associated with ageing process and decreasing in strength, therefore well-chosen core exercise program may help to prevent it.

There is strong evidence that appropriate core exercising alleviates lower back pain, improves our posture, prevent from lower limb injuries.

Remember any exercise and movement is good for the lower back as it helps to increase flexibility and increase circulation. Although your back feels painful exercise is good for it and you don’t need to be fearful that it is ‘unstable’ or ‘weak’ although it may feel this way.

Sorry to be gross but when you dissect spines they are very strong even when the muscles are not attached! We have strong ligaments and soft tissues that help to stabilise this highly sensitive structure.

It is important to remember that pain doesn’t always equate to tissue damage.

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Why Is Core Stabilization And Strengthening Important To Us?

Lower back pain and limbs injuries can cause significant pain and restricted function this can affect independence.

Helps achieve better performance in our daily living and sports.

Improve our body control and even a single bout of exercise has immediate impact (after 30 minutes) on body balance and subconscious maintaining upright standing position and last up to 24h!


What Evidence Of Lower Back Pain Relief And Decrease Of Injury Risk Is Provided?

Majeed and Sugunan (2019) revealed in their latest study that well-tailored core exercise program can reduce lower back pain effectively just in 6 weeks time!

However, if you feel healthy and love sport and challenging Esser (2017) provides evidence that muscle core exercise may help you achieve top notch performance in sports as well.


What Equipment Do I Need To Perform A Core Workout?

You do not need any equipment to start train on your core muscles.

You can start work out at your home right now.

Just 15 minutes of exercise – 3 times weekly can effectively change quality of life and alleviate back pain

If you want to achieve the highest performance in your sport or suffering for back pain, do not hesitate and book a 30 minutes free discovery call and meet our friendly and helpful team, who will help you quickly in good atmosphere achieve your goals and tailor perfect exercise program for you.


Lukasz and The Physio Crew Team



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