Friday Training In Bristol. Welcome Ellen!

Staff Training : What it takes to be the best.

Last Friday I travelled up to Bristol to complete the staff training induction for Ellen, our newest recruit.

I like to try and set the expectations on day one to make sure that there are no surprises.

The Physio Crew is not like any clinic.

We do take on ‘average’ physios.

The CV’s usually boast extra curricular  training and experience but too be honest I’m not very interested in a CV. I want to see how someone communicates, how big are their dreams. Are they motivated by being part of something that will revolutionise physiotherapy as we know it in the UK .

The time people spend developing themselves tells clues about the person.

Many physio’s will have the attitude that they turn up for work and go home, do just enough. They complete the same treatments day in day out without exploring new techniques, reviewing recent evidence or reflecting on the day and instead waste time catching up with Eastenders.

We are not interested average. We are interested in the dedicated few who want to make a real difference to peoples lives. The ones who got into physio because they want to impact the world in their own way and are prepared to push themselves, past their comfort zone to help others and reach their potential.

As we continue to grow and expand we are bringing in new members to help.

Ellen will be working on Tuesday evenings and Fridays whilst she completes her MSC.

With a culture that supports and pushes our clinicians to reach their full potential you can feel confident that The Physio Crew team will go the extra mile to help you through your rehabilitation.

Check out my Vlog below.

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Key Points

  • How Veterinary Physio helps us improve as human therapists
  • The differences between learning environments in human vs veterinary medicine.
  • How anatomy dissections aid learning – do you want someone with exceptional understanding on what lays beneath the skin?
  • Why every patient needs a champion to help guide their care and fight their corner.
  • A few cases and what we learned from them.
  • Why people with osteoarthritis would benefit from coming to see us at the hydro pool


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