Covid-19 Updates

Dear Customers,


With the everything going on I wanted to give you an update from The Physio Crew team.


Who are we accepting?

We are not accepting anyone who has been in contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days or anyone who is experiencing a persistent cough or high fever. If you have these symptoms please self isolate and use the NHS 111 online service if symptoms worsen.

We are advising that people in a vulnerable category ( ie over 70, underlying health conditions or pregnant) should not attend unless the care needed is essential to prevent a fall or serious injury at home.

With people in a lower risk category it is safe to attend in a 1-1 setting with us

Treatment can be important to reduce emotional stress at this difficult time and maintain mobility. Unfortunately in times of stress our pain experience can be heightened.


What are we doing to protect you?

Our infection control remains diligent. We are asking all patients to wash their hands before and after treatment. Our clinician already do this at the beginning and end of treatment. We also wipe surface with antibacterial wipes between clients. All towels are single use and we ask that everyone dries their hands with paper towel.


Current Government Advice

The government are advising social distancing. This means any unnecessary contact such as sitting in groups in pubs, restaurants or in an office ( if you can work from home) should be avoided.

They have advised it is important to go out and exercise (at a safe distance). This is important for mental and physical health.


They have advised that gyms will not close as this is imperative to people’s health. Our services help to reduce pain, manage mental health and keep you mobile. We must protect against the 2nd and 3rd order consequences of social distancing such as reduce muscle strength, poor cardiovascular fitness feelings of loneliness and muscle atrophy.


The Physio Crew Family are here for you in this difficult time. Please book a free discovery call if you have any concerns about Covid-19 or you want advice on how to keep active if you are in isolation.

We are planning facebook live exercise classes daily and fun activities to try via our social media channels.


Please do you bit

It is imperative that you follow government advice to protect vulnerable people in our society. Please do not put others at risk. Do not panic buy as this often leaves the most vulnerable without their essentials.


For any questions please email or call 0333 567 0663


Thinking of you all.


Nicole and The Physio Crew Team