Could I have cancer? A common worry in patients.

Could I have cancer? A common worry in patients.

I wanted to talk to you today about something we all struggle with.

The fear of committing to treatment and making the wrong decision.

I remember my first significant injury with my neck. Despite working every day with exceptional therapists I didn’t get treatment for 2 weeks after the pain started. 

I kept telling myself I could manage it on you own and that I didn’t need help. Secretly I was also fearful it might make the pain worse. I was only just coping with sleep deprivation and being unable to get into a comfortable position. I wasn’t sure I could handle anything else. 

I remember staring at the ceiling awakening with the terrifying 8 out of 10 pain which would cause my entire neck to spasm. Breathing, to try and focus on grabbing the pain relief off the side table like a robot.

I would try to follow advice; heat regularly, pain relief regularly and gentle exercises but self diagnosis leaves doubts that can have your mind trailing quickly to more sinister pathology. 

“Don’t be ridiculous you don’t have cancer!” I’d tell myself. 

But trust me. 

When you’re lying awake, experiencing pain you’ve never experienced before, and your friend died 3 months before of a brain tumour all manner of thoughts cross your mind.

The brain fog associated with the headache was extremely distracting at work and was leaving me feeling irritable and short tempered. 

It wasn’t until my colleague had asked me three times before I allowed her to take a look. 

I remember sitting there trembling on the couch. “Are you cold?” she asked switching the fan heater on. 

I didn’t feel cold but I couldn’t explain the trembling either. 

Within a few minutes she had expertly navigated her way around the issue and found the culprit. 

“Bit of stress and computer work being going on?” she asked as she pressed on the trigger point. 

“Yes. You could say that. Aw thats it!” I automatically shifted my body away as the pain was instantly reproduced.

I tried to relax knowing this short discomfort would help to alleviate the pain. It was a little painful but I knew this short term 6/10 pain was nothing compared to what I was experiencing at night. 

It would be worth the short term discomfort.

As she completed a headache mobilisation I could feel my focus returning to normal. It had been two weeks since I could think properly.

“Better?” she asked with a grin.

“Why did I wait so long?!” 

It is common for people to be fearful of treatment. 

People have different reservations and, like me, some of them are scared it may get worse or that its not the right treatment for them.

The problem is you don’t know until you try.

Physiotherapy is one of the most recognised form of manual therapy. Thats why the NHS funds it… because there is strong evidence that it works.

Unlike NHS physio that has restrictions on sessions and resources we can treat you based on your potential and your willingness to try evidence based treatments. We do this in a way you can tolerate and build up gradually. 

If you, were like me, and had two weeks where you were unable to work properly and unable to sleep due to severe pain you would seek help. 

Whats holding you back?

If you are concerned about sinister pathology then see your GP or come in for an assessment and we can do some tests and give you a detailed letter to take to your GP.

Call Nicole for advice on whether this would be useful for you. 

0117 290 0242


Speak soon.