Common Concerns. Why People Choose To Book A Discovery Call?

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Common Concerns. Why People Choose To Book A Discovery Call?

We started discovery calls about three months ago.

We were finding that a lot of people were at home worried about their condition, unsure what was the best answer or treatment.

Since doing the discovery calls and listening to people there seems to be three main concerns that were bothering people before contact with a professional.

Number 1: Unclear diagnosis

People had concerns that their condition was not formally diagnosed.

This meant it was very difficult for them to choose the appropriate treatment. One lady said that she had looked at so much stuff online that she felt exhausted. She was sat analysing hundreds of conditions. But once she convinced herself that she had one thing she would see another condition that had similar symptoms.

What was worse is that she was always drawn to the conditions that were deadly. When she saw her symptoms could be a sign of something serious she would play over in her mind and forget about the other, less sinister, conditions that she had read about.

This is the problem with the internet. Our minds will always go into fight or flight response if we see symptoms that could be related to cancer or serious neurological condition.

She said the investment in her time to speak to a Chartered Physiotherapist was helpful just for the reassurance of speaking to someone knowledgeable who knew what they were talking about.

A clear diagnosis that ruled out serious conditions were a fantastic reassurance and had an  immediate effect on her pain.

This is actually scientifically proven

When we are anxious we release a hormone called cortisol effect on your pain. This is why having a professional look at you can help.

To summarise, a discovery call can be a great way to get an idea of the likely diagnosis.

Number 2 : Opportunity To Speak With A Knowledgeable Professional


The second reason people booked a discovery call was to ask questions with a knowledgeable professional.

With 10 years experience treating everyone from elderly people to elite athletes Nicole is able to access a wealth of information. With a commitment to CPD every day she is able to access knowledge from further education, books, mentors, conferences and research studies to give her the best current answer.

Her experience of treating hundreds of patients also allows her to recognise clinical presentations easily. This allows her to refer you on if needed or recommend treatments that have worked for other people and have scientific grounds.

It would take you years to scroll through Google to learn all the information needed and sieve through the inaccurate information. Which is why a discovery call is a great way of accessing the information completely for free.


Number 3 : Knowing The Right Answer.


People often choose to complete a discovery call is because they don’t know what the right treatment is for them. They may have had bad experiences in the past with manual therapists or been disappointed with the physio that they received within the NHS.

It is difficult for newcomers to understand the difference of service that you received at The Physio Crew. We have tailored the service to make it as easy and convenient as possible for clients. This includes easy parking, online booking, online payment, and staff that are committed to CPD every day.

The discovery call allows you to get to know us so we can help guide you on the best course of treatment for yourself. Nicole built The Physio Crew on honesty. If we are not the right people for you we will tell you that. If we are not we will be happy to write a referral letter to your GP or make a recommendation on the next step to take..

Many people ask why would we do a discovery call at The Physio Crew for free?

The answer is simple.

We know that the more people we help the more people will recommend us to their friends which is how our business grows. As we grow we can afford to buy better facilities, buy equipment and help more people.

Thank you for supporting us in our mission of reaching every person on earth with physiotherapy education information and services.

Nobody deserves to live in pain.

If you would like to book your discovery call. Please click here.

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