Are you receiving enough physiotherapy and rehab following your hip fracture?

Physiotherapy benefits following hip fractures

A recent report “ Getting right, first time’ which followed up a report completed in 2012 found that 50% of those who sustained a hip fracture did not return to their former level of mobility.


Importance of getting rehab

  1. To reduce pain by normalizing range of movement.
  2. To gain advice or what you should/ shouldn’t be doing.
  3. To improve muscle strength and motor control of the muscles around the hip
  4. To improve gait pattern.
  5. To look at tasks such as getting in and out of bed, getting upstairs or walking outside.
  6. To improve independence and reduced likelihood of hospital readmission.

If you would like further physio input why not book in for a couple of sessions to supplement your NHS treatment? £40 for an initial assessment and £30 for any follow ups.

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