Antigravity Treadmill (Alter G)

Alter G Changes Lives Through Innovative Design

Nicole first came across the Alter G at a trade show five years ago. She instantly saw the benefits to athletes but also to clients with neurological conditions. 

Having worked with England rugby players and elite sports athletes she understood the need for high level equipment to facilitate these top athletes back to their profession as soon as possible. When you have 6 nations or the Olympics coming up you need every tool to get ones body fit for the big day.



Why Is The Alter G Different?

Having worked with hundreds of patients in the hydropool the benefits of reducing body weight are clear. It allows the person to train but with less load through the recovering tissue. It allows gentle pressure which is essential for good healing but also supports the body so that it is not overloaded.

But a hydropool can sometimes be inconvenient. Some people don’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit or don’t like water. They don’t necessarily have time for changing before and after. The Alter G gives a unique opportunity for someone to maintain the cardiovascular fitness they desire without the excessive load through their joints.



How The Alter G Gives Freedom

When you choose to become a physio one of our superpowers is the ability to give someone freedom. Now everyones freedom looks a bit different.

One person may wish to run whatever distance and not worry about stress fractures. Some people  with reduced core stability want to be supported so they can bounce for the first time or perhaps someone with motor neurone disease may want to maintain fitness as much as possible to reduce their risk of chest infections and other problems caused by immobility.

Many people who are using in for weight loss are amazed that they can run for 30minutes something they would find incredibly difficult without the reduced weight making it easier for them to become fitter and stronger without the load on their joints.


Who Can Benefit From The Alter G?

  • Athletes looking for a weekly cross training session
  • Athletes for intensive training weekend stays following sports injury or rehabilitation weekend.
  • Rehab stays for people following road traffic accidents, accidents at work
  • Walking for people with neurological conditions (MS, Stroke, Nerve compression injuries, MND)
  • Walking for people who struggle with balance (Parkinsons, traumatic brain injury, elderly people).

To find out more information please email or call 0333 567 0663