5 Top Tips On How To Move More

5 Top Tips On How To Move More

You have probably found this article because your searching for tips on how to move more.

Whether it’s spending hours in the car, sitting at your desk at work, or just crashing on the sofa after a long day, most of us are guilty of spending far too much time sitting down.

So how can you change habits and learn how to move more ?

There’s not always a lot we can do about it, for example, if you have a long drive to work, or you have a desk job, or you have long daily meetings. However, it’s so important to our health to spend less time sitting and more time moving. From reducing back pain to helping with mental health, moving more throughout the day has huge benefits!


1. Take the Stairs

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but it’s a really effective way to up your activity levels during the day. If you work somewhere with a lift, chances are you’ll take the lift for ease and speed, but you’re missing out on valuable movement time! Not only does taking the stairs burn more calories than taking the lift, it can often be quicker, and if you do this repeatedly throughout the day, you’re burning a lot of extra calories than normal and keeping your body moving!



2. Spend an Hour in the Garden Each Week!

This one may be easier in the  summer than in the winter, but don’t let a little rain put you off! By spending an hour in your garden each week, whether that’s mowing the lawn, looking after the plants or just playing with the dog, you’re getting your body moving without even realising! It can be really satisfying seeing the work you’ve done in the garden as well, so two birds one stone!


3. How To Move More Top Tip 3: Face to Face over Email

If you need to talk to someone in your building, don’t email them, go and find them. Walk to their office/classroom/station and have a face to face conversation. The walking time can be really valuable and it’s always much easier to solve a problem or ask a question face to face!


4. Pick Your Parking Space

Naturally, when parking the car, we all look for the space as close as possible to where we want to go. Try picking a parking space on  the outskirts of the car park. That little extra walk to where you need to be will add up to your step count, and gives you the perfect bit of ‘me time’ before work (if that’s where you’re heading!).




5. Set Your Timer!

Set an alarm on your phone to go off every 30 minutes. Every time it goes off, get up and move about. Go to the toilet, make a coffee, pop downstairs or just have a stretch, but get up and move about! Especially if you have a desk job, this can be really crucial in preventing back pain and shoulder tension! Don’t underestimate the power of a couple of minutes movement every half an hour!



If sitting down too much has already taken it’s toll on your body, book in for a deep tissue massage to work out all the tension and stress from your body. Or therapists will be happy to advise you more on how to keep moving daily!

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