3 Top Tips To Help Improve Your Mental Health During Lockdown

3 Top Tips To Help Improve Your Mental Health During Lockdown

You’ve probably found this blog because you’re searching for ‘how to improve mental health during lockdown.’


Prioritise Sleep – How Does This Improve Mental Health?


Most of us need 7-9 hours to feel fully rested, but how many of us are actually getting that?


When we are, we feel not only re-energised physically, but also mentally. Good quality sleep = better mindset, which, in turn means we are much more likely to think positively. Yay!


I recommend no screens an hour before bed. Yes, we need to put that phone away, hide it in a drawer if needs be – I find this helps!


Set a time for screens off, stick to it, and an hour later be in bed ready to sleep.


Relax the mind before bed by reading, or listening to a sleep or guided meditation – I personally recommend the Calm App, which has helped me, though there are many great free ones readily available on YouTube to get you started.


Get Moving


Even just moving our bodies for 10 minutes a day, can shake up our mindset and release some positive endorphins.


Don’t over complicate, stick some music on and getting moving. You’ll thank me later!


Get outside in nature, and go for a walk. 20 minutes. Fresh air. Look around and focus on being the present moment.



Eat Well


Are you getting around 6-8 glasses of water per day? If not, make it a lockdown goal!


Staying hydrated helps keep us alert, clear-minded and reduce fatigue.


Aim to get 5-7 fruit and vegetable portions per day. Easy ways how?


  • Add fruit to your breakfast cereal.
  • Add side salad or vegetables to your lunch and dinner.
  • Add fruit you enjoy as daily snacks – this doesn’t mean replace all your chocolate and biscuits with fruit, think… add some fruit, reduce some chocolate.




Remember, all changes take time, gradually increase fruit and vegetable portions, and gradually reduce the amount of chocolate and biscuits you eat – apply the same rules of gradual change to your exercise routine, and enjoy the sustainable changes!


Speak soon.

Hayley Chapman