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Are you ready to start living again, say goodbye to aches and pains and regain confidence using the exclusive Rehab Secrets Framework?

Take advantage of our experience treating international athletes & performers.

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Now is the time to obtain the right information and specialist equipment to fast track your success. 

Improve balance, strength and control whilst fine tuning your rehab to transform your psychological and physical health. Welcome to a new confidence and calm as you feel in control and start achieving your potential

We exist to help you


following sports injury or life changing trauma.

Our award winning physiotherapy clinic does this by combining a holistic team’s professional skills with specialist equipment such as mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the anti gravity treadmill and a specialist sports physio approach.

antigravity treadmill at The Physio Crew in Barnstaple
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Experience your active, confident, care free life


No sleepless nights. No more confusion. No more frustration.


This is not just providing the tools to recover from pain.


Today is the day to take control and change your future.


It’s time to change your actions so you get a better result.


It’s time to discover the inside knowledge of The Rehab Secrets Framework.


If you are looking for a company with competitive fees that incorporates innovative treatment with clinical excellence to get you the best results look no further.


We offer exclusive treatments and support you through your transformation to enable you to do the things you love.


Many people walk through our doors on the edge of giving up hope and their eyes are opened to simple, honest, advice that puts them at the centre of their care and in control.


With empathetic, knowledgeable clinicians who will make you feel at ease and build confidence so you can progress at your own pace.


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Hyperbaric Oxygen

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Hi I’m Nicole Crewe…


As a leading specialist in Sports Physiotherapy, and the creator of the Rehab Secrets Framework, I work with people who have experienced pain or injury to regain control and discover joy and freedom in their lives again.


Here they reclaim their identify to allow them to feel confident, and compete at an elite level no matter their age or ability, without a 5 month waiting list.


I know exactly how it feels when you’re lost, in pain and experience that cloud of dread as you imagine a future of pain, stiffness and limitation (secretly hoping it will just get better on its own).


On the outside perceived as active, healthy and in control but inwardly feeling sluggish, in pain and older than my years, not wanting to admit that I needed help.


For a long time I asked myself “Should I give up my sport? Will I always be in pain? Will I ever regain my confidence? What if I never get better?” Just the thought of those questions made me visualise a boring, dull life, lacking excitement and fun activity that I linked so close to my identity.


But that was before I applied a scientific sport physio approach even though my pain had nothing to do with sport!


Since then I have applied these principle to transform thousands of lives.


Whether it’s watching someone return to sport following a fracture…


… rehabbing an injury to avoid surgery…


…helping a runner return as soon as possible so their mental health doesn’t suffer…


…supporting someone through flexibility work post operation…


…helping an elite performer or athlete receive emergency treatment to give the performance of their life…


… or sharing a breakthrough exercise with a stroke or SCI survivor


this feeling never gets old and its not uncommon to share a tear with our clients as they transform (although I hide it well).

Nicole Crewe Physio
sports massage.
physiotherapy at the physio crew running assessment
young people having fun the physio crew

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